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Be 1 Change 1

define values. practice integrity. inspire change.

Are you struggling with the direction your life is headed?  Feel listless or adrift? Do you have difficulty setting and achieving goals?


Our Vision is to empower men to achieve more by taking responsibility for shaping their own lives. 


Learn how to define your core values, practice integrity and inspire change in yourself and those around you with the BE 1 CHANGE 1 Podcast



  • Your Core Values and Strengths

  • Core Values Drive Authentic Decision Making

  • Do you know what the values are that drive your decision making process?



  • Making Choices That Align With Your Values

  • Leveraging Your Strengths

  • Taking Responsibility And Accountability For Your Life



  • Lead By Example “Be The CHANGE You Want To See”

  • Lead Through Influencing Those Around You

  • It Starts With You!



Join us on the BE 1 CHANGE 1 Podcast and explore the challenges men of all ages face. The often negative messages we receive from society, family, and how these dynamics shape us.  Learn to define and leverage your values and strengths through discussions on topics like self-inspection, resiliency, persistence, failure, responsibility, and more.



  • IN YOU!

  • In your ability to change one thing in your life

  • In your capacity for discipline, responsibility, persistence, perseverance, and grit


WE WANT YOU to discover your purpose.  Small incremental changes over time will give you the opportunity to influence the people around you.  BE 1 CHANGE 1.

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